WriterMason – Writing in the 21st Century

If you’re a writer, you are well acquainted with the following (copied/pasted from dictionary.com) :

word·smith [wurd-smith] Show IPA
an expert in the use of words.
a person, as a journalist or novelist, whose vocation is writing.
1895–1900; word + smith

Well, yes, I am a person who is becoming an expert in the use of words. Like you, I know language, but I am still learning words’ ability to evoke heartrending emotion, edge of your seat anxiety, nail biting suspense, and righteous indignation. “A person…whose vocation is writing,” is my aspiration, since I haven’t made any money from my writing. Yet.

So I call myself WriterMason. And since the old publishing model from a scant five years ago has evolved into such an exciting new model, complete with self publishing, hybrid, and traditional publishing possibilities, this new page of WriterMason.com will devote itself to all things writing and publishing and marketing related.

If you are interested in guest posting on craft and business related news, feel free to contact me on Facebook or at writermason @ att . net.


Today I have some WordPress news and tips to impart. If you’re a writer/author/blogger with a WP site or blog, it can be frustrating to exploit WordPress’ potential to its fullest (ie: add widgets, add an ecommerce plug in, post a blog). We fiction writers swim in a different pool of brain juice than marketers and techie types. Speaking for myself, I’d prefer to devote energy to my made up worlds and do the minimum, but if you’re going to go indie, you’ve got to be able to swim in the ocean with the sharks and the whales and the surfers as well as the mermaids…

In order to remain with my chosen mermaids, I go to WordPress Meetups that meet locally once a month. I pay $5 – $10, network with other sea creatures writers , and learn from them. Their generous sharing of knowledge is worth the time and tiny fee that covers the cost of the space. If you can find a similar support group, I urge you to participate! It’s worth it!
Another WordPress support in real life: Word Camp 2014. Tickets for Atlanta’s Word Camp are now on sale, so google it and take the leap. There’s even a Beginner’s Beginner WC for those “who don’t even know what they don’t know,” so don’t let your questions hold you back.

Last, I recommend subscribing to two WordPress sources: WPLift.com is independent of WordPress itself,and it posts theme updates and tips and tricks, and best of all – tutorials! – to work out WP’s kinks. This site can overwhelm, so take small bites and chew slowly.
And WordPress itself emails once a week updates and spotlights valuable blogs that open up the world of blogging for your reading entertainment or simply reblogging. And if all else fails, there is that link at the bottom of your WordPress site that offers tutorials and forums run by other users…
Just sayin’.

‘Sokay… what WordPress sites or tips can you offer up to other mermaids out there?


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