WriterMason Productions

WriterMason Productions finds reviewers and book bloggers with the reading audience targeted for your book. I contact, schedule, and forward your tour package : your blog posts, headshot, contact info, book blurb & cover shot, and buy links.

Then I promote on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, and Goodreads, and any other appropriate sites that specifically draw romance readers.  I offer other avenues of promotion too, like contests, Tweet chats, Google + Hangouts, and Facebook and Goodread chats, and if you’re feeling really adventurous, we can brainstorm some out of the box ideas together.

If you’d like, I can work with you to brainstorm blog posts , because that can become overwhelming with writing/editing a book, working a day job, and living life.  I do not, however, write these posts for you.

No guarantees that reviewers will love your book, but you will gain a greater online presence and raise awareness of your book and publisher among romance readers.
Yes, this is all stuff you can do on your own, but it does take a lot of time that you may wish to devote towards writing book #2 or #3. I’m here on the end of the phone or the computer for support – something I’ll do for you anyway, just not on as large a scale.

My email address is writermason@att.net  and of course I’m here if you’d like to discuss what we can do together and my fee.


Pamela Mason


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