Time To Bloom by Cally Monster

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Ravelry model: Whisper/CactusFlower/Don't Call Me Peaches/Yellow Submarine

Cally Monster's newest shawl pattern reflects her pride in her own (and her friend's) children's growth and accomplishments. Every mother loves to watch their children thrive and bloom! 
Now until Sunday May 9 at midnight, get the pattern free with purchase of a Super Silky kit from YarnFish! (Be sure to leave your email address for a digital copy from Ravelry.)
Knit this beautifully patterned and  colored shawl out of Emma's Yarn Super Silky - 400 yds of 80% SW Merino / 20 % Silk, it has amazing drape and stitch definition to show off all its rich patterns, not to mention saturated colors that combine to make this a stunning addition to your wardrobe! 
Two Super Silky kits available:
Cactus Flower/Don't Call Me Peaches/CBC'20/Whisper   and 
Kale/Drops of Jupiter/ Glamping/ Wish You Were Beer

(Of course you can make it out of Practically Perfect Sock too, which you can find here.)