Nomadic Knits 12 Days of Knitmas 2022 Kits in Emma's Yarn

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Nomadic Knits Knitmas Kits using Emma's Yarn: 

(1) 100 gm Sock + (4) 20 gm Minis + (1) EXTRA MINI !! +

(1) 1oz Love & Leche Little Bee Lotion Bar in Lavender Mint 

Why the extra mini?

Because Nomadic Knits' Knitmas is all about relaxed and easy knitting, and modifications are not only welcome, they're encouraged. So you might like one color more than another, or maybe you can use a mini to make an extra repeat.... Whichever you decide, you have the convenience of having that extra mini backup. 

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Happy Knitmas from YarnFish!