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SAFF in NC was alot of fun and highly recommended if you can get there next October. It was great to see online friends in person and to make new ones, as well as all the new yarn colors and bases and fun stuff everybody introduced! I'll be sharing more about the newest yarn we'll be carrying later on below, but first a little about where I've been....

In March this year my husband was diagnosed with a rare cancer that, frankly, seems to be appearing more frequently in my Facebook feed: Cholangiocarcinoma, or Bile Duct Cancer. As you can imagine, it's deep inside the liver and tricky to treat. There were no symptoms other than a dull ache in his upper torso. So... if you or your loved ones have any odd symptoms bothering you, be sure to mention every.little.thing to the doctor next checkup! And thank you for your prayers and good wishes - we WILL beat this monster with the help of super-smart doctors and nurses and all of your prayers and support.

If I'm a bit invisible on social media, please know that you can always reach me on my email below, or on Facebook or IG. I have been busy this month with his care, but we're on a good track now so I expect to be posting and emailing more regularly now. 

To say Thank You, here's something Special: 

A Gift Box of 7 Sample Skeins of Pandora's Yarn "Kate" and a surprise treat, for only $35! 

Kate is a 100% SW Merino yarn, fingering weight, with a light shimmering finish in colors from eggshell white to royal jewel tones. Muted neutrals, vivid brights, and tonals that move from stitch to stitch, pattern to pattern. I've divided up the tonals in seven 20 gram sample sized skeins (colors will vary) that coordinate together for the Leftover City Cowl (my wip pictured here) or perfect for sock heels and mitten thumbs. 

The extra treat is a SURPRISE! I think you'll like it! 

Give as a gift to a fellow knitter/crocheter, or give it to yourself. Either way, it is a lovely treat to enjoy this season! 

Purchase it here. 

And to the Survivors and Warriors also fighting Cancer, 

YOU ROCK! You are a Beautiful Being and you will BEAT this!