It's Socktober! What do you call a Fish with two legs?

Posted by Pamela Mason on

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May 2020

*get ready to groan*

A Two-Knee fish! hahahahahahaha! Get it? (so sorry!)

Socktober is upon us and we're all feeling the Autumn vibes and the Fall Feels. If you love toasty toes and squishy yarn (who doesn't ?!) you're probably knitting up a pair or three right now. 

Emma's Yarn Practically Perfect Sock is 400 yards of soft and colorful Super Wash Merino wool, with just a little bit of nylon for strength and resiliency. Add an accent color for the toes and heel and top ribbing, and you have a pair of socks that will tickle your little squid's ten-tacle-toesies... or your own! 

(again - sorry! just can't resist!)

Last weekend YarnFish offered a free sock pattern (Third Coast Socks by Laura Dobratz) and this week YarnFish is offering FREE SHIPPING on any Sock Set* order! 

It doesn't take a brain sturgeon to see what a great offer that is! (ouch!) So, let minnow (!) what colors you want to knit up, and I'll sea you next time! (yukyukyuk!) 


Thai Tea

*Use Code SOCKTOBER for FREE SHIPPING on Practically Perfect Sock Sets only through October 17.

"Give a man a fish, you'll feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish, you'll get rid of him for an entire weekend 

-- and you'll have More Time To Knit!"