40 Days of Book Praise, Day 2

I’m joining with my friend Ramona Defelice Long in her 40 Days of Book Praise . I’m a day late but that’s okay!
This isn’t about promoting any friends’ books or even about giving reviews. More like… spotlighting books you’ve read that you liked and recommending them to other readers. ‘Sokay… brief review.
So… if you are so inclined, you can join in too. Or just read along, and find a new author or genre you may not have tried before.

Ramona DeFelice Long

RamonaGravitarFor 40 days, I am choosing a book from my personal book shelves. It will be a book that is insightful, intriguing, or illuminating about women. I will write why I think this book is a positive one and worth a read. This isn’t advertising for me or to promote any of my friends. It’s simply praise for good books.

Day 2 – This One and Magic Life by Anne Carroll George

anne george

Mystery readers will recognize Anne George’s name from her Birmingham-based Southern Sisters mystery series. Apart from writing the adventures of Mouse and Sister and their view of the Vulcan’s naked backside, Anne Carroll George was also a poet, a publisher, and a Pulitzer Prize nominee. The subtitle of This One and Magic Life is “a novel of a Southern family” and it is true. The book portrays a Southern family in all its glorious dysfunction.

Why is This…

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