Writing 101 Day 1: Not Yet Finished… Barely Begun

If I’d known then what I know now… famous last words, right? At least they are for me.

Sometimes I look at the choices I’ve made in my life and wonder what if?
What if I’d raise my boys differently?
What if I hadn’t quit my job? Sold my business? Quit grad school?
What if I had paid more attention, tried to be more mature, conscientious, practical, studious, frugal, athletic…?
What if my words had been gentler? My actions kinder? My patience thicker?

I didn’t take “the road less traveled” – I followed along the ones set before me. Well worn and clear of hurdles and hills, crowded with the women who had also taken this road – the easier way. Staying home to raise the kids, do the housework, be the mom.
But is it really easier? It comes naturally, being at home, raising children, doing the cooking/cleaning/schlepping/caretaking.

Back in the 80’s when I was in college it was all about “power suits” and doing it all, like the Enjoli commercial. I gave it a whirl…
but the minute I knew I was pregnant, that was all I wanted. The baby, the house… baking and homemaking.

Nobody gave us a template for what to do when the babies became young adults and left the house for their own lives and careers.

So now I’m at the midpoint of my life, with Marlo and Jane and AARP urging me to start a new career and reinvent myself.
To choose another path and move forward.
To not look back.

What if I try?


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