Get Ready for the Next Blogging U. Challenge: Writing 101

So… it’s been waaaay too long since I’ve blogged here at writermason.
I was thinking this morning – after my third cup of coffee and some excellent eggs and toast cooked by Mr. Mason – of how fast life has changed here at Maison Mason. Our children are young adults now, off on their own… several family members died last year, so I can’t pick up the phone and chat with my mother about this transition from “Mom of Everything” to “Midlife Woman Seeking Relevance and Purpose”. Our cat died also, which was heartbreaking. We’ve rescued a dog now, and may be rescuing another dog to keep her company, nd we’ve had so much joy and companionship from her we might just rescue another. We’ve neutralized and repaired and refreshed and redecorated the house in an effort to decide whether to stay or go (looks like we’re gonna stay a little longer – or at least until the knees get too sore to walk up and down the stairs).
I’m feeling a little more confident about my writing. Last year I was burdened with a cloud of grief – several funerals will do that to you – but it’s lifted now. I’m no better than most, but better than some, which is about how everybody is. But to those who are willing to put it out there, take the criticism, and prevail – to those go the spoils.
The published.
And whether they are self published, indie published, traditional or hybrids, they are all the winners.
So… here’s to being a winner.
And there’s room enough for all, so …
Join me?

The Daily Post

Feeling a bit bereft now that Blogging 101 and 201 have wound down, or just looking for a way to cultivate good writing habits? Never fear, Writing 101 is here! (Well, it will be here, starting June 2.) Our next Blogging U. challenge moves away from the technical and design aspects of blogging to focus on your content. Writing 101: Building a Blogging Habit is a write-every-day challenge designed to help you create a writing habit while publishing posts that mesh with your blog’s focus and push you a bit as a writer. Here’s how it works:

  • We’ll post a new writing assignment just for Writing 101 each weekday in June here on The Daily Post. Assignments will publish at 10:00AM EST (14:00PM GMT).
  • There are no weekend assignments — you’re free to expand on a weekday post, write something unrelated, or (gasp!) spend some time away from your blog.
  • Each assignment includes…

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