Back to Normal?

It’s a New Normal at Maison Mason.
The boys are back at school, the schedule is back to what it was before the holidays threw up a sackful of glitter and tinsel in my house.
(For some more on how good it feels to see my baseboards again, see my short essay at The Southern C: (The Southern C. )

Some weekend reading for the next time you flirt with stepping on the scale and touching up those roots — Kristen Lamb’s got a couple of blogs on “Refusing to be homogenized”( ) in a world of matchstick jeans and refusing to listen to the online bullies who review (?) fiction. Fill up your inspiration and encouragement well.

And now, in the interest of following one of BlogHer’s predictions for 2014, I shall follow one of their points and keep this brief.

This mermaid’s gotta get back to the pool and back to her fiction.

What are you doing this weekend to reset to a new normal?


2 thoughts on “Back to Normal?

  1. I finally took down the tree, all three feet of! My son and his darling girlfriend put everything else away for me! I say she’s a keeper. 😉

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