The List

I, for one, am ALL TOO HAPPY to leave 2013 behind. It was a sad year, a bad year (well, parts of it were good), and I didn’t complete anything on The List.

Bet you’ve got The List too.
Come on… even if you don’t have one written down titled “Resolutions” or “To Do”, you’ve still got one running through your head. Every December and August (well, it used to be September, but now that school boards have kids going to school year round with week long vacations interspersed throughout the year, like September and February, summer is a mere dot on Universe Vacay) The List rears its messy, guiltridden, unorganized and impossible head.

Late at night when the house is quiet and dark The List climbs out from under my bed where Insomnia throws parties and shouts at me. “What did you DO today? And Facebook doesn’t count! Nor does clicking on links or reading other peoples’ work! What was your wordcount? How many pages did you fill? And did you manage to buy groceries/do laundry/swim a mile/meditate?”

More monsters – Guilt, Anxiety and Overwhelmed – join in, and before I know it, there’s a Ruckus in my room.

The only way to restore peace is to forgive myself and promise to start all over again in the morning. But today I’ll go one step further, in the interest of being a helpful sort.
I’m identifying a Plan for The List.

1. No more smartphone first thing in the morning. Invariably I check email, check Facebook, check Twitter… and then I’m late for everything else all day long.
2. Daily morning exercise. I belong to the Y, where I swim, take aquaerobics and cycling classes, and walk. Chlorine and sweat make me see clearly.
3. Daily pages. Here. There. Everywhere.
4. Offload some of these ideas onto index cards when a thought, idea, or concept strikes to catch the inspiration, or a web address is mentioned on television or a magazine. (If anybody knows where to find the post with this plan please post in the comments. I’ve already lost too much precious time researching my browsing history and then Facebook to find it, so this is not original, but I can’t cite the source).
5. I’m brillant with characterization and motivation. It’s the conflict that plugs up my creativity. So now I’m going to dig deep and become vulnerable to mine my scars for pain. And if I feel embarrassed about sharing with the world, I’ll think of Bryan Cranston in his tightie-whities on Breaking Bad. Thank you Mr. Cranston, for inspiring me to be courageous.

What is on your List? Is the Ruckus happening for you too? Ready to quiet it down?
Offload your thoughts and ideas here.
We can hold each other accountable. August is only two hundred one days away.


2 thoughts on “The List

  1. Pamela, perhaps you didn’t get anything done in 2013 that was on your list, and perhaps your list is to blame.

    The way I see it, you made friends, you graciously waited for this wandering Canadian to return from a White House, Black Market run so we could finally meet face-to-face, you inspired many, are responsible for the introductions of many thru your 5 am Writers by providing a place for fellow authors to connect. You touched new friends with your honesty and your grace.

    I don’t know what your 2013 to-do list entailed, but perhaps you neglected to add a few tasks that make life worthwhile? Add them this year. You will succeed in meeting those goals, guaranteed.

    Happy New Year, my friend. In my world, you ROCK!

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