Reinventing … Again?

I learned how to reinvent myself early in life. When we moved from New Orleans to  her drier, Baptist, more genteel sister city Mobile , I was shocked to see girls in high school wearing pony tails!

With ribbons!

And the southern y’all was drawled out much more than my N’Awlins’ yaw’ll pronunciation.

I saw how different I was – not a good thing in ninth grade – and adapted. By the end of high school I was slimmer and had grown out my boy cut. I have a drawer full of grosgrain ribbons I saved for my own daughters, who turned out to be sons. Fingers are crossed for granddaughters in the far – very far – future.

But adapting and reinventing myself didn’t bring automatic acceptance. I was always “Pam – y’know, that girl from New Orleans…?”               no matter how much drawl I put into my y’all.

After several attempts throughout my life to fit in – pseudo-preppie in college (I really was too artsy for that), glamorous working wife morphing into  business owner raising two babies (is the Enjoli jingle in your head now?), harried working grad school student – I’ve come to a place post 50 where I’m able to discern the difference between adapting myself to be something I’m NOT…

versus reinventing myself to be WHO I TRULY AM.

Instead of trying to be something I’m not, or taking the word “REinvention” to mean transforming into something so new as to be unrecognizable, my meaning of reinvention is to enhance what makes me… ME. (And you…YOU.)                                         Find your passion… make your work your play… make your comeback… start living your life the way you wanted to live it in the first place…  BE YOURSELF!

Of course this comes hand in hand with fear. Because… What if my friends all up and leave me? What if I don’t make new friends? WHAT IF NO ONE LIKES THIS NEW, REAL, REINVENTED ME?

In My Case funnily enough,  new friends – face to face and online  friends whom I’ve yet to meet  – all ‘get’ me. Reinvented Me is more ME than those ‘Me’s ‘ I tried to invent myself into being just to … fit in.

I don’t have to “fit” anymore.

I hope you give your own Reinvention a whirl.

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22 thoughts on “Reinventing … Again?

  1. No matter what you may change on the outside, the real you always shines through, and I’m not running from that lady, she’s too nice and too much fun! 🙂

    • Sharon! I’ll be seeing you soon. And you’ll be hearing me, promise!
      Yes – high school and trying to fit in with a whole different accent and look can be pretty awful. Thanks for visiting.

  2. I find that I am becoming more and more like that 10 year old tomboy I once was who wouldn’t let anybody tell her she couldn’t climb to the top at that tree.

  3. Reinventing yourself can happen at any age — thanks for inspiring me to focus on mine. It’s so easy for us — especially as women — to get side-tracked and focus on reinventing ourselves for others. Your post is a great reminder to consider not just how to reinvent ourselves, but also for whom.

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