Mississippi Mud – Coffee AND Dessert


For your weekend sugar fix, I give you Southern Bite.com’s Chocolate Spoon Cake. Yes, it is like a perfectly undercooked (but still cooked) brownie in all its gooey glory. Yes you will scarf this stuff up and yes… you will need to swim a mile to burn it off .

I think I’ll make this but try adding some instant coffee granules to the cocoa. Or rum. Hmmm…..

I’m working on several things: a short story submission, a womens’ fiction, and some blog posts with tech and social media lessons for those of us who grew up thinking Spirographs and Etch-a-Sketch’s were on the technological edge. If you missed it, here is a link to my post for Romance University last month – From Jane Austen to Jane Jetson: Making Yourself at Home in the Digital Age.

And on Monday I’ll have more coffee for you, along with Commencement Exercises.

Now, click the link to get the recipe for Southern Bite’s Chocolate Spoon Cake and enjoy your weekend !


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