Who Were Your Dates for Prom?



My boys are no slouches. 

When my older son went to his senior prom two years ago, he was the only guy escorting six lovely young ladies. Well… he actually had one date, but five other girls did not, so he was the lucky guy who took pictures and rode to Prom and danced all night with them. 

Yesterday was my younger son’s turn, and again – even though he had his own date, a few other young ladies did not. He and his pal (who -when they’re together, they look strikingly like Laurel and Hardy) escorted an SUV of beauties to their senior prom and again… 

danced the night away. 

Gigolos? Or sultans? 

I prefer to think of them as Southern Gentlemen. 

Who really, really, really like girls….Image 


4 thoughts on “Who Were Your Dates for Prom?

  1. That’s so sweet. I wish I had such gentlemen about me for MY prom. My escort was only interested in my best friend. Sigh. I still smart a bit, 30 years later, from being ignored most of the evening while they played footsie. Ditched them both and came home to ice cream (amazing, a time before microwave popcorn). Sigh. I hope my boys are sweet like that.

  2. Ahhh, the Prom. Mine was at the Don CeSar hotel on St. Pete Beach. Recently renovated, it rose from the sand, a pink momument to a bygone era of luxury and glam. My date? That was complicated. I had dated a guy my freshman and sophmore year, but due to rezoning, we ended up at different high schools for our last two years. We remained friends, I invited him to the prom. We had a great time, especially since he knew all of my friends.
    Here’s a peek at the hotel:


    Linda Joyce

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