I nearly had to pack up the computer and head out for the computer team this morning when my new computer wouldn’t connect.
I racked my brain… where did I go last night out there, surfing cyberlandia? Did I hit any ‘off’ links? Get a dreaded malware or virus or spyware…?
All kinds of terrible and strange things are possible – and many of us, innocently enough, are compromising our accounts, identities, and reputations to devious computer hackers and criminals who are – I’ll be the first to admit it – smarter than me.
At least when it comes to computers.
Here Kristen Lamb (WANA superheroine) gives an overview of staying safe on social media. It’s all common sense stuff, but really… haven’t you been tempted to find out if you won the lottery in Tasmania? Or possibly your curiousity got to you and you just… had…to …click on that picture of the __________ (fill in the blank with your personal weakness- I won’t tell!) .
Check out this blog, the comments, and the upcoming WANA digital conference she is putting on next month. There’s a security workshop to attend, and I’ve got my seat reserved in the front row!
A Bientot!

Kristen Lamb's Blog

We live in a wonderful world, an amazing time with infinite possibilities. Writers have more power than ever before in the whole of human history. Many of us are explorers in a New World, charting unknown territories in a realm with no boundaries. This is part of how we are able to offer you the writing conference of the future, WANACon (learn more HERE).

Every new territory comes with the splendors never seen, the resources never tapped, the powers never before harnessed. Yet with new opportunities come new predators eager to take advantage of the naive.

I can’t explain why there are those in this world who will hurt people they’ve never met or steal with no concern to what devastation they might create. But, these crooks are there, they are a real threat, and I’m here today to help you guard against attacks.

Hey, I may be a…

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  1. Happy to hear you’re up and running. Thanks for reposting. Someone sent me a direct message on Twitter- a very long message. They suggested that smartphones are not the way to use twitter…though it seems like the perfect match.

    It’s a confusing world to navigate sometimes.


    Linda Joyce

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