That *%#& Baby Boomer Label!

That *%#& Baby Boomer Label!

Ugh. I hate being called a Baby Boomer. 

Number one – I am not a baby, but a grown woman, thank you very much. With a birthday racing forward in the shortest month – the one crammed with holidays. My fridge calendar for February will be inked with a Super Bowl get together, wistful notations of New Orleans parades I’ll miss, Valentine’s Day, and my birthday, all squished between dentist appointments and college campus visits and deadlines for scholarship applications. 


Today I am on with a rant about updates. Join me there? Thanks! 


4 thoughts on “That *%#& Baby Boomer Label!

  1. Reading this was deja vu all over again! I’m a middle-of-the-chart BB; riding that bike through the neighborhood hoping the boys will notice but not my parents was almost a nightly ritual!

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