My Thanksgiving Miracle

Welcome to Tuesday Tales again! Today’s about Thanksgiving (duh…). It’s a short one today, since I have some prep to do myself. Enjoy, and visit the other people who have written some short Tuesday Tales for you today too!

My Thanksgiving Miracle

From the noise that woke me, I thought the neighbors were filming a YouTube video of themselves cooking turkey – gangnam style.

I stumbled out of bed. Hunh… jeans still on… and my …shirt. Scratching myself -yes, I am a Neanderthal –  I felt the edge of my bra….

Why did I fall in bed with all my clothes on last night?

And what was that awful racket coming from my kitchen? It sounded like…

Hell’s bells…!


I held tight to the banister – the condo’s floor rolled like a cruise ship’s and I didn’t have my sea legs. No land legs either; I had what Her Majesty delicately termed, ‘the malady’,  aka —

The Mother of All Hangovers.

“Hey, you’re up.”

I turned too fast, wobbled and fell onto the couch’s edge, sliding to the floor on my butt.

“Or are you?”

I looked up – and up some more. My gorgeous man stood before me, holding a cup of coffee and wearing my Take Out Chef apron — and not much else.

He was my  Thanksgiving Miracle!

“You smell good.”

He grinned. I realized what I’d said. “I mean, you look delicious.”

His deep chuckle made my stomach drop even further. “I mean–,”

“I know what you mean,” he plopped down beside me. “Coffee?”

I slurped it down. “Is it over? Please say it’s Friday and we’re going to a movie.”

“No such luck Princess,” he took the empty cup. “But, the Evil Queen called. She’s running late.”

Wha…? Her Majesty of Hangover was never late!

“How about a shower first?” He nuzzled the side of my neck.


“Right after I pull out the turkey.” He rose to his feet, pulling me with him. The table was  set, centerpiece in place, forks, spoons…

No knives.

Sigh…. He remembered!


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