G H O S T – Conclusion

“Madison!  Don’t be fooled – they’re all the same!”

Now it was Lewis’ turn to feel cold dread. How could this be happening?

Mrs. Kilgore was dead – he’d been to her funeral! How could his site be used to broadcast someone’s words from the grave?  But the evidence was before him – in his ears, before his eyes – hell, he’d almost lost a toe.

But his technical disposition didn’t discount the fact that energies exist in all forms, on various planes of time. The rage Maddie’s mother was expressing through his website on her old computer was also being manifest by the knives, the furniture, the gas stove…. One word came into his mind, and the smell of smoke returned to his nostrils.

The unmistakable smell of an electrical fire hit him with the word identifying what they were fighting here – Poltergeist.  The lamp’s wiring was about to short and spark. Combined with the gas fumes….

“We have to get out of here!” He grasped the chair with all his strength, pulling it off the door frame. The rickety wooden chair seemed to weigh ten times what it should weigh. Grasping Maddie’s shoulders he pulled her from the pantry and reached for the back  doorknob, but it dissolved in his hand. It was a hologram… a mirage that his hand couldn’t grasp.

“Do we…?” Maddie turned to the front room where her mother’s voice continued to berate her choice through the computer.

“How is this happening?” Lewis reached to unplug it from the wall, but he found it unplugged already. “This can’t be happening!”

“Mother! You are dead! And you are still crazy!” Maddie screamed at the computer screen. If anybody could come back from the dead to torture a person, it would be her mother.  “Why can’t you leave me alone? Leave us alone? You need to die!”

“You can’t expect me to live like some spinster… like… like you!” She grabbed Lewis’ arm and pulled him close. “I won’t do it! Do you hear me? I love Lewis! And you cannot keep me from loving him or living my life MY way – do you hear me?” She pulled Lewis’ face down to hers and kissed him. Years of pent up rage, years of guilt, bewilderment over her mother’s return from the dead and disapproval of her love for Lewis – of  all her life’s choices –  went into that first angry, vengeful kiss.

And then it turned into something else entirely. Into a kiss of  passion… a kiss of desire. Passion for the life she’d finally opened herself up to… desire to share it with the man she loved, to make the most of every moment, of  making up for lost time and effort and energies.

The world shrank. The two of them knit their halves together into a new, singular one.

The smoking lamp, the hissing gas, the spinning vortex of knives and chairs stopped. A sudden calm surrounded the two of them, the storm passed. The energies Dorothea had spent to return to her daughter and prevent her from loving a man – any man – dissolved, spent.

She left… powered off, completely dissipated.

“Hear that?” Lewis asked when they finally broke and came up for air.

“What? I don’t hear anything.” Maddie brushed her lips against his – teasing, nibbling. “I hear nothing.”

“Me too.”


Happy Halloween! And thank you for reading!


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