Caveat Emptor: Beware the Potpourri Chair

Here’s my chair… And here’s my chair on potpourri.


Why is your new chair outside on the front porch? 

Because it stinks.

Stinks??! You just bought it! From that nice store–

Yeah,yeah… that nice store that smells so good from all the potpourri stuff right by the door – I know. I love that store. I love the chair. I love the smell of potpourri.


So I can’t take the Cotton Breeze/Cinnamon Season/Gardenia/Apple Blossom/Sea Winds combination this thing is offgassing. It must have held baskets of that stuff when it was on the floor.

Ah… so unicorns farting rainbows isn’t such a delightful concept after all, is it? 

Not for my sinuses it’s not! Here’s hoping some sunshine and fresh air will carry all that rainbow-fart away…

Here’s hoping the HOA doesn’t fine us for toxic fumes. 

Got any remedies for me? It smells lovely, but a bit too strong.



2 thoughts on “Caveat Emptor: Beware the Potpourri Chair

  1. First of all, I love the caption, cute! Seriously, though, I’m so sensitive to scents that I’d have to return the chair. I rarely even shop in such stores anymore. I miss them, but they’re not worth a day of nausea. I hope you figure it out, it’s a beautiful chair.

    • Isn’t it a nice chair? It fits me just right AND it reclines! I just sprayed it with some Oust, and I’m going to look for something like odoreaters for chairs later at the store.
      Thanks for commenting Michele!

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