Making Peace With My Knees by Pamela Mason

Making Peace With My Knees by Pamela Mason

Several times a week I traipse down to the neighborhood pool, hopefully early enough to avoid the splashing tots and the enviable teens and the dirty old men who need to get a job. 

I strap on a buoyancy belt, tuck my hair into a swimmer’s cap (that I wish looked like Esther Williams’ daisy covered caps, but try finding THAT at the local megamart!) and … just because it looks extra geeky and I have an aversion to water in my eyes… I add an oversized pair of goggles to my ensemble. 

I look reeealllly geeky. 

But you know what…? Now that I’m over it and have worked up to a few laps without stopping, I really don’t care. 

I’m not the strongest swimmer, and I prefer to be alone, hence the buoyancy belt. It is cheating… I confess. It is twice as hard to swim without it, but I’m working up to that. I do manage a few laps sans floaty. But for deep water jogging and weight work, it keeps me working and afloat. 

And it helps my knees to stabilize. Lately they’ve protested the running, walking uphills, and kickboxing I’ve put them through. Sitting in front of a computer all day doesn’t make them happy either. 

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