I am not a Pinterest foodie

Ah! Chef Boyardee… would spaghetti and meatballs by any other name smell or taste as sweet?



Lunch?! *gasp!* It’s… It’s…

I know what it is. It’s canned pasta. It was on clearance at leTarget, and it was one of my favorites when I was a kid.

And now you’re feeding it to your own? How could you?

Very easily… open the can, pour into bowl, nuke about a minute, and holler for the boys to come and get it.

heavy sigh


You know what. You KNOW what… Here you are, with every resource, every recipe, every farmer’s market and stand and youtube cooking videos at your fingertips, and you … open  a  can. Ug.

Look… I’m busy. I’ve got stuff to do, blogs to write,  email to delete…. A can of pasta every now and then isn’t going to kill them. Besides, I made that roasted tomato sauce last week for supper….

Oh yeah! Show  everybody! Show ’em!

Okay, yes, I admit it – I’m proud of my homemade tomato sauce….

But look… hey… no guilt, okay?  There’s nothing wrong with opening a can  every so often.  You canNOT have it ALL….

Yes you can… 

No, you can’t !  You cannot have it ALL and keep your sanity as well!

Seems like that’ s a big topic of debate on womens’ issues these days… 

Well, yes… online at least. My debates lately have  been mostly about  how it’s important to wake up at a decent hour and find a better job and help around the house and eat a green vegetable at least once a week.  You know, if I could have a housekeeper or even a cleaning service every other week, or the metabolism to be able to eat take out for dinner weekly, then sure – you could give it to me with both barrels. But for now, canned pasta, jarred pasta sauce, boxes of mac&cheese or ramen noodles into my sons’ bottomless stomachs will do just fine, thanks.

Use an immersion blender, and wear an apron! this gets very splatter-y.. Et voila!

Well, I guess it’s better than that pizza roll on white bread that Fins made for himself …

Only edible by teens with hummingbird-like metabolisms

Fins’ Special

…*groan*…  Kick me while I’m down….

I’m happy to have what I have already. Contrary to popular belief, having a little bite of everything isn’t the key to happiness. It’s using up all your passion on one thing at a time, exhausting it to shreds, examining every aspect, loving it to death, be it cooking, writing, or testing ticks in a science lab….

What do you think? What’s your passion… and how much of it have you explored? I’m only at the beginning of mine.                              


4 thoughts on “I am not a Pinterest foodie

  1. Oh, to have the metabolism of a teenage boy. I’m in awe of that pizza roll on white bread sandwich. Kudos, Fins, although I’m pretty sure Chris Powell just got a splitting headache and doesn’t know why.

    And I think that’s one of the reasons I love cooking. You get to be creative and have results in an hour or two.

    • *sigh* All that creative yummy stuff I creatively cook goes right out the window… or down the disposal in our house. There’s only so much I can eat by myself. If it’s not processed, wrapped up, fried and frozen in white flour with some corn syrup, the boys won’t eat it. I surrender.

  2. I believe people need to give themselves away to be deeply happy. Some people do this in healthy ways. Some don’t. Some people give themselves to an idea or philosophy. Some give themselves to a person or family. Some give themselves to their career.

    It seems to me the luckiest of us give ourselves to people who love us back AND to the creative flame. The flame may renew us or leave us in ashes, but we along the way we burn brightly enough to light up the world.

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