Obsolescence,… Or Could Someone Please Invent an App to Prevent It?


the state, process, or condition of being or becoming obsolete.
Where ya going?
                            Got a doctor’s appointment.
Oh yeah? Sick? 
                            Nah… just need some work done on the legs.
That horrid, bumpy varicose vein thing that makes you look like you need support hose like Grandmother wore?
Um… yeah. Thanks for that.
You know you should’ve worn the supp – hose…
Okay, just saying no to the supp – hose. I’m not 70 yet.
No, but it’s just around the cor-nerrrr….
Was there something you needed?
Oh yeah… what’s up with the multi-syllabic word up there? Are we posting Word of the Day now?
No, no… just realized how so many things we took for granted are becoming obsolete now.
Such as…?
Paper. Pen. Handwriting in cursive – I canNOT believe I just said that.
Why is paper and pen and cursive becoming obsolete? And just what does all that have to do with the price of supp-hose in China anyway?
*grimace*  That’s ‘tea in China…’
Anyway… I just looked up the doctor’s address online. And then I went to write it down, but I saw my handy-dandy smartphone and checked the Maps app. 
You and your apps. 
Hey, with a teenaged geek teaching himself java, I’ve got apps. 
*eyeroll* Fun summer… 
He seems happy enough. Anyway, getting back to the app… there it was, on my smartphone, and I typed in the address and Voila! up comes the map and directions! 
So what does that have to do with Rock/Paper/Scissors? 
Not Rock/Paper/Scissors! But paper and pen, writing down the directions By Hand, using -gasp!- Handwriting! 
 I don’t need to do it! Do you realize how this is revolutionizing my life? No more bits of paper cluttering up my purse… trashing the car… no more hunting down a pen that writes…
You just swiped a handful of the hotel’s pens at that meeting last week. 
Not the hotel’s… and not a handful – just two! And ssh! Linsey Lanier gave out good pens… the clicker kind.
Right… we like the clicker pens. We do like to click when we’re thinking….
          So, back to the Obsolescence App…. 
 Well, my kids don’t have to write anything by hand anymore. Unless they’re signing their name to a check or a birthday card, they don’t have to write notes, and they certainly don’t write letters! 
Tell me about it. Did Fins ever get those Thank You notes written for his Christmas presents? 
Huh. Guess we can cross that aunt off the list. 
Yep. And I spent most of the weekend writing out Thank You notes for all the lovely floral arrangements last week.
Those roses really were pretty…
                                                Yes they were. Thank you.
See? You didn’t have to write a note for that. Maybe you should have geeky Fins make a Thank You app, so you can just record your thank you and email it. From your smartphone, of course.
                                                                                                          You’re so not helping.
Just don’t forget your charger.  

2 thoughts on “Obsolescence,… Or Could Someone Please Invent an App to Prevent It?

  1. Heh. I used pen and paper to write my 100 words/day when my computer was in the shop last winter. Problem with that is, I can’t always read my own handwriting….

    And that reminds me, I need to get back to my A Word A Day blogging! XP

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