Me and I had a talk with Myself recently.

Well, okay… so I talk to myself all the time. And since this blog has moved and I’m in the process of building up posts and writing for publication and working on my craft and supporting fellow writers and pulling my imagination to heel and structure all of it into a readable story…

… it seems much of the only talking – that is, coherent talking  that’s not why the dirt in my back yard appears to be eroding down into the ravine/ landfill beyond —

—  is inside my head.

So, in the interest of open sharing – because sharing IS caring – here’s one of the many authorly lessons I’m trying to incorporate into my life and blog at this time. If you’re a writer, you’ll understand.

If you’re not, well, just pretend to understand in the interest of  one small step for mankind towards world harmony.

Fibro Mom on Facebook

<“Ah… I see you’ve plumbed the depths of your imagination. Blogging about blogging. Nice.”

Hey  now – if you’re not happy with it, why don’t you get a life? So’s you have something  TO blog about. 

Seems to me all you do is sit at the computer and read posts about writing, search engine optimization, >

and why 9month pregnant Jessica Simpson is crazy to wear those platform stilettos .”

<“I have a life. Well, sorta….”


<“No, really. Yesterday I did boot camp after I dropped off Fins, and then I had a freak out moment —

“Moment? Hello? Miss Denial? “>

<“Okay, so it was more like a whole day. A freak out Day – happy now? But I did a lot of thinking and planning, and today I did something productive.”

“Oh yeah? Something productive out of yesterday’s Big Think?” 

“Well, no, nothing out of yesterday’s Big Think – yet. But I did go buy some deodorant that smells pretty — blueberry and acai. What the hell’s an acai anyway? You ever see an acai in the produce section?”

“Hello! Shiny Chicken — Let’s get back on track.Big Think. Productive – remember?” >

<“Oh. Right. Well, I did do some thinking about goals and stuff. About how I need to write more freely. Be audacious. Open up and share more with the Universe… You know, build my Brand.”

“Your Brand? What exactly is this ‘Brand’? “>

<“You know – what readers expect to see. Just like yesterday… okay, so I was sitting on Facebook a good part of the day – when I wasn’t freaking out. But this ad kept following me from page to page – Walmart.”

“Ha! As in … People of –? You about to appear in an upcoming episode of People of Walmart?!”>

<“Now who’s holding the Shiny Chicken?”

“Sorry. Go on.”>

<A Brand is what people expect to read or see when they tune in to your blog, or your page, or your site, you know? Like … Wait… were you playing Words With Friends just now?”


<“While I’m trying to expound on something seriously related to my author career here?”

” Hurry up and get to the point. All you’re doing now is procrastinating with your particular brand of crazy.”>

<“Golly! I hate when you do that! Just because I’m writing down the voices inside my head doesn’t mean I have a particular brand of … DAYUM! I have a Brand!”

“Boom! And that’s the sound of Knowledge being dropped before your very eyes.” >

<“Shut up and get back to work.”

“You’re welcome.”>

And just so your time here wasn’t a complete and total loss, I offer: In which Jim Kukral tells indies how to market the heck out of their book. In which Kristen Lamb expounds on Voice, the Key to Literary Magic. The Auction by Darcy Crowder – are your dreams still in sight?

Thank you for reading and following!

A bientot!


17 thoughts on “blogblogblogblog…BLOG!

  1. Snort-worthy post. I SO see myself in those words.

    I was having an identity crisis. Brand, brand, brand. All I wanted to append to the end of it was “new.” As in brand new highlighters. Brand new notebook. Brand new pens and pencils.

    Those will make all the difference. Brand new supplies to organize my thoughts about who I want to be when my glob blog grows up.

    If you sense someone stalking you. That will be me. Sweeping up your cast-offs.

    I have one for now…at this moment…today…

    Let’s hope it “sticks” through the programming and update window.

    Great post. Love the internal dialog. I won’t even ask if I can steal the idea.

    You might say “no.”

  2. Steal away Gloria Richard!
    But share me too please – I’m new here & don’t have all the shiny share buttons up yet.
    Thank you for being my Faithful Follower #1.

    Steal yourself – I feel a new post coming on!

  3. Ah, Pamela, the voices make your head a crowded place, but the brand and nuggets of wisdom still shine. (And by the way, why is it a Shiny Chicken? Is that some freaky hybrid of the bright shiny object, the squirrel(!), and the chicken crossing the road?)

    Happy settling into your new digs here on WordPress. 🙂

  4. Hi Shelly!
    Crowded? You have no idea.
    I could be in a time warp for all the stuff between these ears of mine….

    And yes, I like my chickens shiny the way Ms.Meyer likes her vampires sparkly….
    Gives us that much more weird detail to add to the mix, knowwhatImean?

    Thank you and come back soon!

    • As if you were the only one with a crowded head. Puh-leaze! This is why people identify with you, my dear!

      BTW, you may know, but WordPress recently instituted a pain in the backside validation for blog comments. If you’ve EVER had a WordPress or Gravatar account, you have to log in in order to leave a comment on a WordPress blog. On some blogs, you can get around it by not giving your email address. But your blog requires an email address. So to leave this comment, I had to go sign on to WordPress, then come back here, refresh the page, and leave my comment.

      There have been many complaints, so hopefully WordPress will roll back this requirement. But if not, or until then, you might want to make Email address NOT be required on your blog. (And rely on Akismet to catch spam.)

      Good luck!

  5. Hi Pamela,

    I love the new blog site and the first post, well it sounds just like you! 🙂 I think we all have those too much on my plate – ooh, shiny thing – no don’t look at this, look at that – type moments (or days). The Internet certainly doesn’t help, does it?

    – Leslie

    • No! The Internet does NOT help!
      …Which leads me to yet another blog post, but I’ll have to save it for another day.

      But really… is it any wonder our brains are split four ways to Sunday?

  6. Had to pop over here and check out your site. Funny stuff! That whole BRAND things gives me kind of a pain. It creates a lot of posturing and spinning. Just be you, I think that will work out just fine.

    Dana Taylor

  7. Nice to find you and welcome to those of us blogging on WordPress. I’ve been here almost a year, and I like WordPress,but agree with your reader who complains about how much info one has to give to make a comment – that deters a lot of our readers from writing back to us. Hopefully that will get easier. Keep on talking to yourself – I find the answer to most of my questions by doing the same…:+)

    • Why Thank you!
      Yes… TMI abounds, doesn’t it?
      Nice to meet you as well, and not to worry – I’ve talked to myself since I was tiny, so when I’m in the home, I’ll never lack for good company! 😉

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