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Kellie Kamryn

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11 thoughts on “Tuesday’s Featured Blog Hop Guest Author…

  1. Hi Kellie! We started our journey around the same time. I joined RWA in January of 2010. It is a lot of work, but I love it, and the writing community is such a welcoming, encouraging one. Best wishes for much success, and I'll see you on the bestsellers lists!

  2. Yes, Delaney – we did join about the same time! I wish you all the success with your writing journey and I'll race you to the top! LOL And yes, I've found the writing community to be very supportive. Without it, it would be difficult to continue!theliberator12 – glad you agree :)Thanks for having me here Pamela! I'll stop in throughout the day. And thanks for mentioning my, er, dancing skills, LOL

  3. Nice to hear about your journey and I believe that even greater things await you…My journey hasn't been as eventful, but after…let's just say, a number of years, I did obtain my Bachelors degree in Creative Writing. The only problem was, I didn't know what to do with it. As a kid it sounded easy to just write a book, have it sell millions and make lots of money. All I ever wanted to do is write, and I never developed any sort of backup plan. I kept writing, mostly for self pleasure, and started on the journalism side with a small town paper. There is no money in that either, but it allowed me to write and that was most important. I have gained little or no monetary riches from writing, but have gained something much more valuable, the knowledge of entertaining others. Finally, I submitted a group of my short stories to a publisher a few months ago and to my delight, I was accepted. I still question when working on a story, is it worth it? Will something every come of it? Hopefully the day will come when I don't have those worries anymore.

  4. Hi Ladies. Nice post, by the way. Kellie, I loved reading about your journey. Mine has been longer–I started writing fiction in 2006–my goodness five years ago!! I'm still on the road to publication, but I believe in celebrating every step of that journey. Because the trip is as important as the destination!! I'm so lucky to have discovered those friends you speak of and their encouragement and support mean everything.Good luck with this book and will all the ones to come. You've worked for it and you deserve it. But good grief, girl, Eloisa James? Good for you!!!

  5. Hi Kelly, Pamela. Nice post. I love hearing what drove an author to their current location. Though I had been writing for years, I wasn't taking it seriously, until I also faced a health issue and life kicked me in the butt. Suddenly it wasn't enough to settle for just a piece of the dream, I wanted it all. From your story it sounds like you are living your dream, and I'm happy to say, so am I.

  6. Sorry everyone for being MIA last night – my evenings are taken up with my kiddos! Mike – that's what I love doing – sharing my stories with the world. I haven't made a lot of money at it either, but I think if you believe in yourself, things will happen when they're meant to.Barb – wish I could say Eloisa was my best friend, LOL, but at GRW M&M I did get to tell her my story of how she encouraged me with that email. Every time I see her, I'm still a little tongue-tied! What I love about her is how down to earth and supportive of other writers she is!Linsey – you are so fortunate to have a chapter close to you! My writer friends are mostly on-line because I don't have a chapter anywhere close to where I live. But by traveling, I've gotten to meet other writers and make wonderful friends in this community!Mackenzie – glad to hear you're living your dream too! It's unfortunate that being faced with our immortality (at least in my case) tends to give us the kick in the ass to live life to the fullest. But I wouldn't change a thing! All the best to you. :)Thanks so much for having me on the blog, Pamela!

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