Monday’s Guest Author Post Romancing Christmas Giveaway BlogHop

Don’t forget – 6 ebooks to give away! 

Midnight Fear, Pleasure Island, Duty and Desire, Somebody Else’s Daughter, Worth Waiting For, and 
The Shoppe of Spells. 
Today’s Featured Author for Giveaway BlogHop is 

Leslie Tentler with Midnight Fear

MIDNIGHT FEAR is a romantic thriller set in Washington, D.C., and the Northern Virginia horse country. Caitlyn Cahill, the story’s heroine, is a former D.C. socialite who worked with the FBI two years earlier to capture her serial-killer brother. Now living outside of the District’s spotlight, Caitlyn is residing on a rural horse farm where she runs an equine therapy program for children, trying to start her life over. FBI agent Reid Novak, who handled the original serial killer case, is forced to once again rend the peace Caitlyn has found when a copycat killer emerges, bent on duplicating her brother’s crimes.
When Reid and Caitlyn initially encountered one another in the first investigation, there were feelings between them, good and bad, that were left unaddressed. For one, Reid pressured Caitlyn into cooperating, and even though handing over evidence incriminating her brother was the right thing to do, it set off a chain of events that pretty much decimated Caitlyn’s life and prominent political family. In the two years that have passed since her brother’s incarceration, Reid has also faced his own personal crisis. As Midnight Fear unfolds, their two separate lives once again collide.
I really loved the idea of a former socialite hoping to somehow right her brother’s wrongs by opening a non-profit horse therapy program. Caitlyn has a good heart, and she’s a strong person who’s been through a lot and managed to survive. At least until the arrival of her brother’s copycat…
MIDNIGHT FEAR is the second book in the Chasing Evil trilogy. It’s a loosely based series, with each book about a different investigation and a different FBI agent handling high-profile serial murder cases. So you can read the stories out of order if you choose.
Happy holidays to everyone, and happy reading!  
Leslie Tentler is the author of the Chasing Evil trilogy from MIRA Books, which includes Midnight Caller (Feb. 2011), Midnight Fear (Aug. 2011) and Edge of Midnight (coming Feb. 2012). For more information, visit Leslie’s web site, join her author page on Facebook at or follow her on Twitter!/leslie_tentler

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5 thoughts on “Monday’s Guest Author Post Romancing Christmas Giveaway BlogHop

  1. Oooh! I've heard tell Leslie Tentler is one fabulous writer, but I've been too chicken to read her. After reading that excerpt of MIDNIGHT FEAR, I'm just just going to have to put up with a few sleepless nights. Man, was it good!Thanks for featuring her, Pamela!

  2. Anju & Larissa, Yes! Her books are deliciously creepy and spooky and you can just 'feel' the tension, both from the stalker and between hero & heroine, like a good romantic Alfred Hitchcock movie.

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