Rules For Engagement – Google Plus: What Is It, Why We Should Want It, and How Do We Use It?

A primer for the rest of us… but first, some upcoming news: 
 December 10 – 16, I will be part of a major bloghop that I am so excited to host and promote some favorite authors!

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9 thoughts on “Rules For Engagement – Google Plus: What Is It, Why We Should Want It, and How Do We Use It?

  1. Thank you, thank you! A very fun and informative read (although the flow chart scared me a little. I'm afraid of charts, tables and PowerPoints, etc. in general. Charts = EVIL). This is definitely something I need to explore! Great post! I suspect if I started using it I will learn more. For now, I've only added people to circles and then not many people at all.

  2. Ha Leslie! Lots of people told Vasile that too, and he said he'd simplify, but he's really just too busy with all the upgrades & networking & SEO stuff. He's pretty nice to engage with on both G+ & Fbk, and very smart and easy to understand. Except for that scary graph.

  3. Hi Pamela, I'm too scared to look at that flow chart… my brain is currently fried and on deadline for a 2-part article I'm working on… but I will read it once the sanity is back in my brain… and hopefully understand it too!

  4. Very helpful, Pam, also daunting. I am not looking to add social media, I am looking for the proof that they help a writing career more than they hurt it. My latest riff: When websites were new, they sold books; when blogs were new, they sold books; when FB was new… Twitter…. Not so sure five years after appearing, any of these novelties have created a lasting benefit to writers or readers. As much money as we waste on ads in the publishing biz, I'm surprised nobody has applied any real science to the question.

  5. Excellent point Grace. I confess to being MIA here because of writing and networking (maybe more networking than writing…) -there really aren't enough hours in a day. I DO feel that my life is enriched by the world view I've gotten via G+, and, with two teens – one a tech head & one a scifi geek – I'm able to talk with them on a more relevant level. We understand each other because I'm trying to stay current with their worlds. It won't be forever, but I want it for as long as I can hang on to it.That's for another post.Thanks for your comment!

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