The Conclusion of The Haunting of the Red River House Ball

Many thanks to Dawn Carl of of All Things Genealogical of New Orleans for the wonderful photographs she gave permission to use. The photos are of St.Roch's Cemetery and Relics Room in NOLA, and with tomorrow, November 1 being All Saint's Day, I'll post more about this beautiful cemetery and the others in New Orleans' Cities of the Dead. 
"Mr. Joachim, what is all this?What are you doing here and why are there pennies and snakes everywhere?" I ask, again as if I didn't know. 
He looks up, a mixture of curiosity and joy and … is that a twinkle I see in his eyes?
"You're back, my Ruby. You've finally come back to me." 

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9 thoughts on “The Conclusion of The Haunting of the Red River House Ball

  1. Ooooo…Leslie! Thanks for the link! I looked at the site & read everything & from what I can tell about voodoo, a bad gris-gris was put on that Phipps. Now I want to see the spooky mansion pictures you have.Glad you liked the story!

  2. Tami, remember that first, darker story I told you? That would be Joachim's & Ruby's. Thank you for stopping by! Hi Michele, You made it! I know I know- bad writer to put snakes in the story. I kept thinking of Indiana Jones and the floor moving. HA! Thanks for reading!

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