Introducing Diana Duncan – author of the Sword of the Raven & Deal With the Devil

When destiny calls…you don’t hit ignore.
Releasing Thursday, Oct 27 , but you can win a download of this ebook here! 
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One day while perusing one of my favorite Facebook groups, Barbara Vey's Beyond Her Book, up comes a post by Diana Duncan that went something like this —

Sorry to be away from the internet so long, but with family things, and cranking out five new novels to release by the end of this year, I'm just now seeing the light of day…. 

That's not a quote, it was just the gist of her post. 
But… 5? 
Well, I just had to check out this writing machine! 

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28 thoughts on “Introducing Diana Duncan – author of the Sword of the Raven & Deal With the Devil

  1. Awesome Interview and post! Love the cop story, even told it to hubby. Wow did we laugh! Keep up the great books Diana and Pamela, u rock girl!Many hugs from a fan of you both!

  2. Loved the post and interview. I am always in awe of people who have "no fear" and talk to everyone. I do, however, feel for your daughter, although I really want to know what it was like?Thanks so much to both of you.

  3. You know, my mom used to talk to everybody too and it always embarassed the @#$% out of me, but I find myself doing the same thing. I think God/Fate sends us what we need when we need it, including people and ideas. When my husband had a medical procedure a few weeks ago, the nurse said when she found out I was writing romances, that her best friend used to work with Teresa Medeiros, when she was a nurse in Kentucky. How cool is that? So glad you found an outlet for your talent and your audience is finding you. Keep up with the unconventional stories, please!

  4. What a fantastic interview! And exactly what I needed to read right now. (Saving for re-reading when I'm feeling like I'm doing everything wrong, several times a week.) 🙂

  5. Love, love, love this interview!!! I have been a fan of Diana's since forever and I'm very happy she decided to go indie with her publishing. Can' wait to read her next "Devilish Devlins" installement and her new paranormal!

  6. Thank YOU, Leanne. So glad you got a chuckle out of me embarrassing the heck out of my daughter. *G*Shanon, it was actually really fun (and the cop was really cute *G*). But it was only fun because I wasn't actually under arrest. *G*Julee, you are so right! In fact, this book would't have gone live today without God bringing me a marvelous formatter to help me with a huge problem I was having with the file! And exactly when I needed it, too! Hang in there, Judy! As my Mom is always telling me, "This too, shall pass." 🙂 HUGS.Aw, Maria, love you, too, girl. Thanks so much. <3And Paula, I'm so honored to be among your favorite authors!!! 🙂

  7. Thanks, Pam, for introducing me to yet another set of books to put on my to-read pile! Now, can you just send me some time to read them all? LOL Here's my "men in kilts" story–I was in Chicago for business around March 17 one year. My plane home was leaving at 7 am, so around 3-ish, I was leaving the hotel. When the elevator opened, there were three very hunky men in kilts! Normally, I don't talk much to strangers, but before my sleepy mind could filter my mouth, I said, "Well, this is something I never expected to see when I got on an elevator." We all had a chuckle. Turns out they were there for the St. Paddy's parade!

  8. Diana, I LOVE the story about having the cop cuff you in the back seat. You are an inspiration to Moms everywhere. Yes, go ahead, embarass the heck out of our children, because God knows, they've embarassed US enough times, right? lol.Schedule? Ummmm….well, Diana keeps to a semi-schedule only because Jen and I prod her with electric cattleprods. And sometimes we dangle pictures of men in kilts as motivation for her, too.While I am admitedly an unabashed Diana Duncan fan, and love the humor in her books, I think her new book, Sword of the Raven, might be the first time she's made me cry as well. And I can think of no higher praise from a reader than "You made me laugh AND cry."Diana Duncan is a keeper — and so are her books. Love ya, girl!

  9. April, so glad I could make you smile. Smile a lot, it makes people wonder what you've been up to. *G*Michele, if I was in an elevator with 3 men in kilts, I'm afraid I would've had to hit the "emergency stop" button so we'd all be there for a while. Hehehe!Susan, and don't think I don't appreciate the prodding. Cause you know I need it! LOL!Thank you, Leslie! I do hope you enjoy the books (and connecting with our mutual Celtic roots. Not to mention the hunky men. *G*)

  10. Let's see if blogger will let me comment on my own blog again now that it's had its lunch…. Shanon! shy…You? Don't think so! Julee – So cool! Now how would you learn that gem unless you spoke up? Judy – so glad you were encouraged here today. Maria – thanks for commenting! Comment some more – we love commenters! Paula – happy to have you here. I hope to see you again soon. April – we all need to smile more; I vote we keep Diana around for a long, long time! Susan – you are a good friend. We need more cattleprodders like you! Leslie – good to see you! Did you see Diana's going to be publishing 5 by year's end? Five. My brain boggles. Carol – so glad to see you again! We had so much fun with Turk & Zeenie!

  11. Well, 5 is the "big goal," but I might only make it to 4. Hubs is having…surprise!…surgery the week before Thanksgiving and will be home for 6 weeks. So we'll see how that (and the Holidays) impact my schedule. *G*And Blogger isn't letting me sign in with my ID at all. Keeps telling me I'm "not authorized" to comment, even when it accepts my sign-in. So I'm having to do the name/url thing. *G*

  12. Excellent blog from a prolific author. Now I feel as though I know you. Thanks, Pamela, for bring this guest to us!I have written through pain by letting characters experience it for me.

  13. Diana – Ack! I knew I should've fed the blogger monster some kilted men on this post! Mary – your characters' pain is that much more real to your readers for that. Good advice to know.

  14. Hi Pam and Diana,Pam, thanks for hosting Diana today.Diana, I enjoyed getting a peek into your life and your writing. Congrats on 5…omgoodness, makes me tired just thinking about it…books and hope you have many, many more soon.

  15. Mary, it's always fun to meet a new friend. Thanks for stopping by. :)And thank you, Sandy. I'm actually pretty tired myself, but hey, I'm my own boss, so who do I complain to? LOL!And thank YOU, Cindy. I have my butt-kicking boots on, just like my heroine. *G*

  16. This is a great interview! And, after I pry myself away from those Kilt pictures…. What was I saying???Oh yeah. I love the sound of these books. Will definitely be adding you, Diana, to my list. I'm glad to hear your mom is doing well. I think women like what you describe her to be are truly an inspiration. I can only hope to be half as great as people like that.LOVE the Alzheimer's donations. I'm running a 5K in a couple of weeks. My dad has Alzheimer's and I can only hope that I can help out as much as possible before this becomes something my own son has to worry about.Thanks for introducing me to a new-to-me author. Can't wait to read these.Tami

  17. Thank you for adding me to your "to buy" list, Tami. If it's anything like mine, it stretches into the next room. LOL! How terrific that you're running for Alzheimer's and that you've taken up the cause for your son. Best of luck to you and your family and HUGS!

  18. Tami! I'm training for Alzheimer's Run too! We'll need to combine forces. My MIL is gone from us – too sad. Susan, how's it going?! Glad you got here; I've missed you! Everytime I drink my mocha java, I think of you.

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