Halloween Musings and Insights… And a Tour with The Best Prize Ever So Far!

It's just a perfectly gorgeous day today.
After a full week of gloom and rain – which the grass & plants all needed badly – the sky is bright blue again, and the sun sparkles through the greengold leaves of the birch trees.
Autumn is one gawdy season, isn't she?
But she should be – pure in all her scarlet and orange clashing glory….

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11 thoughts on “Halloween Musings and Insights… And a Tour with The Best Prize Ever So Far!

  1. Pamela,Loved the article…..and yes, I agree that Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas should have their own time…not be jumbled. It's like having one birthday party in January and telling all your children that it's their party…regardless of when their birthday is during the year! Can't wait for next week with Phantoms & Fantasies. (Waving at Carol!)

  2. LOL! Love these Pamela! Awesome way to spin this, girl.I'm right there in line with you on the Twilight movie. You realize, once we see it we will be salivating for that last one… Hate thinking about how they will stretch that out.Oh and the Den Mother thing, been there. Done that. Doing the Boy Scout thing. I thought the older they got, the more independent. Guess the extracurricular activities didn't get the memo.I could go on and on but I'm sure you don't want my opinion on everything. ;)HugsTamips – Johnny Depp….

  3. My 30-year-old (oh my, did I just admit that in public) daughter still eats her dinner on a divided plate. We keep one at our house for when she visits. The whole post was delightful! A trick-or-treat bag of writing treats.

  4. Ahem, Team Edward here and yeah, I'm kinda peeved I didn't think of adding sparkly vampires to teen angst first. I've had to sacrifice the chocolate and sugars for a wonky anti-inflamatory diet and that's the only thing that will really suck about this Halloween. Well, I hope it doesn't rain on the kiddies. Congrats on all your successes and may there be plenty more!

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