Moonlight & Magnolias…

   This is a post that could be aptly titled all sorts of things:

  •  How to Make Friends at a Writers' Con (aka WriterGirl Camp) 
  • What Not To Wear/Say/Eat/be Photographed doing at a Con
  • Etiquette at Writers' Conferences
  • How to Take Care of Yourself over 4 Days in 1 [Stuffy] Hotel
  • The Real Secret To Fulfilling Your WriterGirl Dreams
It makes sense to me to divide all this worthiness into chapters. So– complete with name dropping and unsolicited advice and telling on myself with my tongue firmly in cheek, I present to you —
Chapter 1:
How To Make Friends at a Writers' Con (aka WriterGirl Camp) 
I LOVE LOVE LOVE people! I like to listen and hear their stories, share a meal and drinks,but most of all

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6 thoughts on “Moonlight & Magnolias…

  1. 1. The red shoes rocked! And at least you didn't walk a mile to Kinkos–in the wrong direction–in them. I still have blisters from mine, and mine were comfy before!2. I should at least email you that picture. It's so cheeky! I love it. (and I'm never going to delete/destroy it, so don't ask).x♥x

  2. @Nicki, Yes you have happy feet. Mine are still sore & sad.But damn I looked good!@Noelle, There is this very cute graphic on your camera that looks like a storage bin. Go ahead & store that pic there. Go ahead, it'll keep. Really.@Michele, She blushed because the amazing & wonderful & multi-talented Mark All (Mystic Witch) was sitting next to her. And all I said was how much I enjoyed the excerpt I read on her *NSFW* site which highlights a special superpower her hero possesses. Start saving for next year! I'd love to see you here!

  3. I am posting this on my fridge for next year so I will be ready! Thanks! Rhinestone crock flip-flops–hmmmm—happy and dazzling. Just a thought from a girl who can't go without….

  4. I'm going to say those red shoes were worth it, girlfriend! And I have a feeling Noelle has that photo tucked away somewhere, in case she ever needs it – you KNOW the one I'm talking about! ;-)So glad you didn't mention my VIP suite again. I was expecting that.

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