Please Welcome Guest Poster Leanne Gagnon!

I'm back from Writergirl camp… better known as Moonlight & Magnolias. It was so much fun –
and there are pictures posted everywhere of everybody having a great time.

I met so many new writers and authors, Pitch Workshop went fabulously (as I knew it would, thanks to all my wonderful Author Coaches & Writers), and I had some good conversations with Eloisa James, Leigh Michaels, and Karen White (who offered up some excellent memory tips I must share with you all).

Yes, it was all work AND play — especially with the Wine & Moonshine Party (I have a recipe to post for you all) and the Maggie Awards! More of that to come….

But today, an extra special treat from a lovely friend – Leeanne Gagnon!

Leanne's blog, Books Read n'Makeup Done, is great for reading new author interviews & discovering new reads. But Leeanne has a Passion for makeup — check out her newest Facebook page Reading Makeup for some great Halloween makeup ideas here) .

So…. while I gather my wits and write a report of what I learned at Moonlight & Magnolias, please read Leeanne's post today and leave a comment to say hello!

Makeup History Comes Full Circle

Makeup has been part of civilization for decades, though it was widely used 
throughout the world it was often frowned upon.  Before the 1920’s it was actually

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3 thoughts on “Please Welcome Guest Poster Leanne Gagnon!

  1. Nice to know some history. All I can say is I'm glad we're looking saner these days. Since I have fewer years ahead than behind I wouldn't dream of leaving the house without full battle war paint – okay, an exaggeration but base evens out the imperfections so I will continue. Thanks for the info.

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