Hurricane Memories

Chalmette neighborhood after Katrina

Lately I've been having a lot of fun on Facebook on the "Your [sic] probably from 
St. Bernard if…." —
Maybe you've got your own hometown version. 
But I bet the comments on yours aren't peppered with :

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4 thoughts on “Hurricane Memories

  1. Wow! Really makes you think. We have the You're probably from… going on with our home town. Although we don't live there, it does help to bring up memories long forgotten only because we moved on. No disaster involved, just growth. I haven't had to live through something like that so my next comment might seem callous, but I say this often. What if… this had never happened? Would couples who might never have met outside of being displaced by the storm ever have met? What if one of their children grow up to be a well known senator or even president? What if someone who uses this experience to go out and help others wasn't there and the people they help didn't get what they needed? What if… It sucks after seeing such widespread damage. But what if it had not happened? Would we not be better prepared to handle the next natural disaster? Would people not be using the experiences learned from Katrina to keep those experiencing the hurricane along the east coast right now to stay alive? It sucks that it happened and I feel for all those who had to live through or lose something along the way. I just hope that their loses can be used to keep someone else from having to go through the very same thing. Okay, enough blabbing. This is a great post and really makes a person think. Thanks for sharing your experience and your lose with us. Tami

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