From Screen Doors to Chandeliers


Summer and screen doors… and mosquitoes.

They go together, don't they? 

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7 thoughts on “From Screen Doors to Chandeliers

  1. Pamela, NEVER doubt yourself. Your prose is lovely and so hauntingly real. Such gorgeous memories captured – especially the chandelier. I'd love to see photos of your childhood home some day.

  2. Thank you so much Leslie! The house is still standing after Katrina – one of the few left in the neighborhood that wasn't demolished. I got to see it the year after. The chandelier had been looted away. :*(Six years next week.

  3. LOVE this, Pamela! I remember a screen door in my past, but I could never say it so eloquently as you have. You are good. Keep it up.You've inspired me. I'm hunting for a picture of that old screen door from my childhood now. Now the chandelier, I only saw those in magazines or hotels. But I can totally see those crystal drops dangling. Sorry someone took it. Thanks for sharing this with us.Tami

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