DesignWrite Wednesday – Now for the ‘Write’ half

Trust me, I didn't forget to post! I just got sidetracked a little.

See, you can find me at any number of places: here (thanks for visiting me here btw!), Facebook, Twitter (#PotterChat tomorrow night 9pm for PotterHeads like me), Google plus, Romance Biggest Winner Thursday blogs, last week's, Patch, and Pinterest.
And Google plus is so shiny and new…
And Pinterest is too much fun!

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5 thoughts on “DesignWrite Wednesday – Now for the ‘Write’ half

  1. Fun post, Pamela! I just saw the movie and I've always loved the meticulous detail of the sets. Shell Cottage was one of my favorites–so serene, so SAFE (well, it was a safe house, after all), and the shell theme repeated throughout. The Burrow–though not my particular style (the clutter would drive me nuts!)–is a sentimental favorite. Thanks for the photos!

  2. Dang! When I tweeted about this I said Harry and Ginny's house. Duh!!! I was thinking how like the Weasley house it was and automatically went to Ginny.Sorry about that.I still love the decor and think I would even be comfortable there.Thanks for posting these, Pamela!Tami

  3. Tami! I saw that on Twitter– so which do you like, the lavender or the green (fresh, yes?). It was a nice symmetry JKR gave for the ending there. When I fantasize in my brain about their lives after 'the end' I imagine reunions and holidays and babies… Does anybody else do dumb stuff like me?

  4. Actually, I'm a HUGE green fan so I'm going with the green. Very inviting. I totally agree about imagining the end and seeing the whole group together. That kitchen you posted is definitely a great place for them all…Keep sharing these things. This is incredible!Tami

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