~DIY~ DesignWrite Wednesday !

D I Y 
Three Little Letters for Three Little Words 
that either excite you & make you tingly and breathless with excitement 
Strike fear and terror in your soul! 
But take heart… 

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3 thoughts on “~DIY~ DesignWrite Wednesday !

  1. Glad you like them Pam. I really like the clipboard idea – the picture doesn't do it justice, but I've seen boards painted chrome silver & mounted this way, & it's an easy economical way to create a hot file for students' papers or various character charts.

  2. Awesome! Love the Art clip boards and the quotes idea. I am definitely doing the clip boards for a couple of writing projects I have. I've been trying to figure out how to expand my cork board without actually taking up all that space. I just need a spot here and there and this will work perfectly. I can cover a tiny nail hole easier than what it would take to actually hang (another) corkboard.Thanks a ton for sharing these. Am headed over the Centsational Girl's blog right now.Tami 🙂

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