Friday Mash Up – Big News – Next Week’s BIGGER News!



Big News!

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5 thoughts on “Friday Mash Up – Big News – Next Week’s BIGGER News!

  1. Thanks so much for the shout out, Pamela! So sad I missed #designwrite yesterday, but I'll be there next week! Have you considered posting the transcripts? I'd love to hear more steampunk ideas! Have a great weekend!

  2. Oh man! Definitely big news and bigger news! I'm looking forward to both of those. I've actually bookmarked one of the Grammar Diva's workshops. Can't wait to dive in. I sooo need help with my grammar.And Leslie had me riveted with her Midnight Caller book. I couldn't believe you said this one was creepier. Can't wait to see what you mean. You know, it's always those sweet looking ones who write those creepy books… ;-)Final comment. Can someone post a question to the #DesignWrite space outside of the designated days??? I have a few and have had to work both times it has run. Thanks for birthing this idea. Very cool indeed.Thanks!Tami

  3. Tami Brothers, Absolutely post a question outside of designated days. You can DM, tweet w/#designwrite, or write on our Facebook walls. Erika & I (Grammar Divas be proud of me!) would be happy to answer. And don't forget, you can go to & enter the #designwrite hashtag for the conversation. And yes, as lovely as Leslie Tentler is, she writes deliciously creepy books! Remember (or you're too young) how charming Alfred Hitchcock could be? There ya go…And I'm so excited about Darlene & Annie, the Grammar Divas, coming Monday! I'm cleaning up my act for them.

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