DesignWriterMason Wednesday — Personality, Organizaton and Inspiration

Today's DesignWriterMason 
and tomorrow's  #DesignWrite ChatTwitter 10AM are all about  
Personality – Which one are YOU? 
And today's Writer's Inspiration is 
Steampunk Style!

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4 thoughts on “DesignWriterMason Wednesday — Personality, Organizaton and Inspiration

  1. As a recovering RWA attendee, I could use a little more NYC look, but my "me" personality is really drawn to the steampunk style. I moved my office just a few moths ago and I'm still settling in so this post is perfect! Thanks

  2. Totally the type A personality, everything MUST have a specific place, or I start to go crazy. I love the steampunk look! I'm drooling over that computer big time, and the empty gold frame gallery wall too! I'm trying to figure out how I can merge a little steampunk with my more light and airy decorating preferences.Thanks for the comment on my blog, I'm feeling quite unmotivated social media-wise. Is it weird that I hate technology? I'd much rather interact in person. So thanks for the encouragement. I really want to join you for #DesignWrite chat–what time zone is that 10am we're talking about in?

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