Annie Rayburn and Bittersweet Obsessions Giveaway! 

1commenter will win a download of Bittersweet Obsessions, and 
1 commenter will win downloads of Phantoms&Fantasies AND Insight (2shorts)
Just in case you missed it–

The first ever #Designwrite Chat on Twitter rocked! It was fast and fun, and most of all, Lots of good ideas were shared via links and pics and what others offered. And it wasn’t all expensive & chichi… we talked about cord management, and Kristen Lamb offered up using black cord ties, @brklyncontessa offered up velcro wraps from Staples, and Erika Ward offered up a DIY project–
you can make with an old shoe box, some wrapping paper, and grommets.There was also an inspiration board, and storage ideas. We still don’t have Carol Burnside’s ergonomic problem solved, but we’re working on it and lots of ideas were offered.

See for yourself: 

Archived tweet stream with links! (If you ever need a hard copy of a tweet stream, search.tweetreports is magic on a bun!)
So don’t be shy! #Designwrite is for writers, moms, bloggers… anybody stuck in a corner in the back bedroom working on a computer at home! Come into the light and reclaim your space! Visit us next Thursday, same time, same batcave, for #Designwrite chat!

And manymany thanks to the gracious and capable Erika Ward of for rockin’ #DesignWrite chat! 


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  1. Oh man! I totally missed this. Work was a killer and hubby wanted a date night. I'll definitely be scrolling through the twitter feed on my way to the airport to pick up the in-laws.Do keep doing this. I love it!Tami

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