Light + Color = Inspiration

So, there you are. 
Way back there in the guest bedroom…
Or your kitchen table…
Or maybe you're still in bed.

You know, wouldn't you rather be working on a desk like this?

office inspiration set 1  home office
home office design

If there's too much glare from the light coming in the window, try turning the desk perpendicular to the wall, like this one. 

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7 thoughts on “Light + Color = Inspiration

  1. Pretty! I'm in the dining room myself. I've got a green color on the walls called Swamp Water Green (LOVE IT!!!). I actually call it my chameleon color because it does change colors in different lighting. The same color is in my kitchen, laundry room hallway to the spare bedrooms and one wall of the living room (can you tell I like green?) and in each space it looks a bit different. For the most part, people like it. OR they will say they like one color of green but they don't like the color in the office… They often don't believe me when I say it is the same color.I had not thought about turning the desk like that. I have the perfect spot in my office/dining room where I can do that. With the huge back on the computer desk, it won't work. But I do see a new desk in my future and I also think I can incorporate this idea into another room when we do move.Thanks again for a great post with tons of ideas!!!Tami

  2. Wow Tami! With all you do, I'm thinking Swamp Water Green is the secret to becoming a HighPowered Writer and Executive! Interesting point about your computer desk — Our furniture has responded to technology's shrinkage. The smaller the computer, the more it is incorporated into your home and regular life,resulting in less bulky furniture and less isolation of you from the rest of the house. Turn that desk around and get a new vision! Thanks for visiting!

  3. I know Leslie! It's achievable. These aren't the most fabulous home offices you've seen, but I wanted to show photos that you can achieve in real life. Carol– You must have LOTS of light! Good for you!

  4. I've got double windows and my desk is perpendicular to them. My problem is ergonomics. The desk is built for a PC with a keyboard drawer, so using the laptop on it is awkward after awhile. My shoulders and elbows feel the strain, then I end up on the futon, the bed, the couch and don't utilize the office. If I raise my task chair, my knees bump the keyboard drawer. Thinking about either trying to remove the drawer, and/or having Hubby cut the legs off a smidge. (I'm 5'5")

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