WriterMason Monday Muse News- The Threshold

 Mondays I'll focus on exercises from this book, Writing Without the Muse. Nice things were said in the comments last week about the writing I posted from the exercise, so, like the compliments whore   writer badly in need of critiques that I am, I'm continuing the romance/suspense/horror/paranormal story that I've named 'The Threshold' with a different exercise. And, as a special treat… I've included photographs that enhance the story, provided by my husband ('myHero'). We all like illustrations don't we? I have plans for this story, and let me just say… it's not going to be a sweet romance. 
YOU dear Readers and Writers, Please feel free to post teasers and links to your own writing in the comments if you want to join with me in these exercises. It'll be the blog 'unhop', because I want this to be loose and easy and beneficial for all of us writers.
On to more news for the week…

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6 thoughts on “WriterMason Monday Muse News- The Threshold

  1. I so agree on your #designwrite suggestion for paint. NO flat paint! All of a sudden I feel like Mommy Dearest (No wire hangars!)LOL I've got three big dogs and have to be able to wash the occasional wall smudge, plus I like that there's some light reflection with satin. What a nice write-up for my appearance later in the week. I'm looking forward to a fun time! 😀

  2. Yes… that 'sheen' from satin or eggshell finish gives just the right amount of reflective quality to disguise imperfections in the walls. Not all sheetrock is a work of art! Can't wait to have you here Friday!

  3. Oh Pam! Write up my alley! I am a huge interior design / architecture geek! That's what I got my degree in and one day will be working on more spectacular projects than the next big Ross store- By the way, you have a few new Ross's coming in GA in the next few months. Your writing exercise looks good. Are you assigning the topic? I can whip up something quick. 😀

  4. Virginia! Reeallly?! Yay more Ross stores! Love Ross! Go! Either write on Ex 5 posted above, or go to last Monday's post and write on that exercise: describing what's behind the door ( go read it– I posted a pic of a door for my story); then post it on your blog & give us a link! I'm thinking this is a good blog ring > Carol's idea. And then go get Carol's book– you'll love it! Lots of titillating sex, but with a story = erotic romance.

  5. Dude, I so need to paint and re-carpet and get the master bathroom shower repaired (we haven't used it since February, instead relying on the hall shower). Why? I can't stand the thought of having "Eldon the house painter" in the house for two weeks … or two months. I'm going to have to give in at some point, though!

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