It’s June — Time For New Year’s Resolutions

These past weeks it’s hit me:
We’re at the six month mark in 2011. Time to re evaluate the New Year’s resolutions, right?
Have I accomplished anything? Made any progress?
Just how far off am I from January 1’s dreaded decisions? Which Monday will I choose to start that diet?

  • Well, my novel is coming along… s l o w l y. I start to write, then an idea pops into my head. It might be unsolicited advice or wisdom I simply must share on my blog, a question or insanely brillant post for my Facebook page, or an inspired tweet. Whichever one it is, it is a distraction. If anybody has any ideas on handling these distractions, please let me know. 

I’ve heard there is a program that locks you out of the internet so you can write, which sounds like the brand of poison I may need to kill the monster!

  • I have taken online courses… Lots of online courses on networking, marketing, building a brand, as well as writing.  If you’re looking around for something for yourself, check out WriteItForward Workshops by Bob Mayer and Jen Talty’s Who Dares Wins Publishing, Savvy Authors site with multitudes of authors, and now there is myRWA offering free webinars, forums, and courses with your membership.  

Between you and me, I’m in need of a break. Between all of these and all the links I follow on twitter chats, I need to get more words down on the page before the writers’ conferences begin in the fall.

  • Last of all, No, I have not started the diet. Thanks to my friend Becky, I am back to exercising — so important for everybody, but writing is already such a sedentary, solitary endeavor, it’s good to walk every day. Preferably outside, for the Vit.D and fresh air. Ideally with a friend, to laugh and commiserate and pour out your fears and excitements. We rant, vent, cuss and laugh… but we leave it on the asphalt. 
  • Sadly, I won’t be in the Peachtree Road Race this summer. I’ve got a stack of their t-shirts in my closet from past races, and lots of great memories, but, in case you don’t know, it is HUGE and it is getting pricey. But I’ll start getting in shape for other 10k’s with Get Fit Atlanta, a running and triathlon training program that looks like it’s full of fun, positive people. Can’t wait for the pain! 

So… there’s my update. I am hereby swearing off writing challenges and updates. I am looking forward to some new goals for the next half of the year that have evolved from these accomplishments and failures. The important thing is, I have been true to myself. I have learned more intensely  who I am and how I tick. And I’m proud of what I have already accomplished. I see I need to structure my days more closely– laundry and keeping the guys fed sound so trivial when compared to the glamourous life of a writer, but they still have to be done, and they all take time and some energy and planning. But they don’t have to take over… something I’m learning now.

Below is a Mash Up of Various Writers’ blogs and sites and happenings on the web. I hope you take time to support everybody, because Karma is vital to all of our success. Link Away!

  • Michele Strangis Stefanides writes a review on Bridges, A Tale of Niagra, by dk LeVick. Number one, Michele pours her heart out in her blog Life is Short, Write it Down and reviews. So read her blog. 
  • Number two, this sounds like a wonderful book, unlike anything I’ve ever read. So after you read her review, check out the author’s site and book, Bridges, A Tale of Niagra.

  • These past two weeks one new publishing company launched. Entangled Publishing LLC  brings together awesome talent from people who have at least one thousand years combined in the industry. AND what I love is that they release series back to back to back. No waiting for thirteen months for the sequel! See what I mean? Smart people….
  •  Escapistpress “is an artist’s co-op where you can find the village it takes to write a successful book.” Articles, links, interviews, conferences, and blogs all together in one place, ready for you to publish with them. Pavarti Devi and David Beem are two authors who have formed this site for writers.

  • Debbie Maxwell Allen’s blog  
  • has promoted writers all week long (yes, me too!) with her series of guest blogs on your best writing craft tips. If you haven’t discovered this writer for writers blog, you’re missing something special. Lots of information here!

  • Promo Friday tomorrow on 
  • <Delaney’s book Fight for Love, is an Amazon Contemporary Romance bestseller. If you are a writer, ‘like’ her author page and post a link to promote yourself. If you’re not a writer, but you knit, blog, garden… go do the same. It’s a very generous gift from a gifted author… so grab this opportunity and don’t forget to pay it forward!

Some exciting news coming up next week! Until then…
A bientot!


6 thoughts on “It’s June — Time For New Year’s Resolutions

  1. Can you believe we're halfway through the year already? The days go by faster than I can keep up. Thank you for mentioning Fight for Love, and I appreciate the shout out for my fan page. Have a good day, and best wishes as you continue on your writing journey!

  2. Pst: We don't publish anything at Escapist Press, there is no profit and no business angle. We are all publishing separately (Veronica, our newest member is even pursuing traditional publishing – gasp!). We welcome other interested authors to contact us about joining the co-op.Thanks for including us!

  3. Pavarti! Thanks for the heads up; I corrected my post. Hi Delaney! And thank you for the promo on your page too! Tonya, I know!Right? But at 6months, it makes the elephant a little easier to chew and swallow.

  4. Thanks for the kick in the pants on reviewing writing goals (and the mention!). You are wonderful to contribute a post this week.The best course I took this year was Margie Lawson's Empowering Character Emotions. It totally changed my approach to editing my first draft, and deepening my characters.~Debbie

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