Say it Loud… Say it Proud…

I USE COUPONS!                                      
But I don't use them to the extreme.
Seems these days, the following scenario happens:
You go to your favorite stop to purchase a Sunday paper… make it two. Because you want one to read,
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5 thoughts on “Say it Loud… Say it Proud…

  1. I am not a hoarder but…. I do have an extra of shampoo, deodorant and so on. I like knowing that when that last drop is used I can just reach into the cupboard and the replacement is right there. I also went through the digging-in-the-sofa-for change-to-buy-milk-or-toliet-paper stage. And I also stock (okay overstock) my pantry because I don't want my kid to EVER go hungry.So coupons are great, hoarding not so great.:DLove the post! Off to Wally World to buy some tp,pt,deodorant,detergent and dish soap. I want to be clean when I get eaten by the zombies!

  2. I want to coupon, I really do. But I'm SO LAZY about that stuff! If I could only spend an hour and gets tons of free stuff, of course it would be worth it. But the people on Extreme Couponing spend dozens of hours on one shopping trip. And yes, they get $600 worth of stuff for free, but when you think about it, $600 for the 40+ hours of work they say they put into it is not much. You might as well just go get a job!

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