The Bright Lights Weekly Writing Prompt Tour from LJWrites Blog

LJ’s prompt this week centers around Memorial Day and veterans.

I’m going to offer this one :

Hmmm… What otherworldly place could this be?

Just like last week, all you have to do is come up with a writing prompt. It could be a picture, character, quote, sentence, setting, or whatever you think will inspire others to write. No obligation to respond to any of the prompts that get posted, unless you want to.

It’s easy! Just post your prompt and link your post below in the “Linky” fields. Then come back and visit all of the others that have linked. If you could, please link this post into yours so that others can come back easily to view more links.

The Tour lasts all week long, so post anytime. And if you want to show off your participation, go ahead and copy the HTML code for the button on the upper right sidebar. It’s made just for you!

For more specific instructions, please click on the link HERE for last weeks Tour.

Have fun! 


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