The Bright Lights Weekly Writing Prompt Tour from LJWrites Blog

Patch Blog is in the hopper, about to publish early in the morning.
Harry Potter’s movie is almost over… and the chicken in the crockpot will be done soon so I can go to bed.
My mind has been reeling with plot points on my paranormal romance, and I haven’t taken a good solid hour to write anything down.
So what do I do?
Play on Twitter. And what do I find?
A most worthy writer’s blog with a really good writing prompt tour. Call it a writing hop, a prompt tour… whatever you call it, give it a whirl.

Here it is, from LJ Writes blog:

“I’ve decided to start a weekly meme, Bright Lights Weekly Writing Prompt Tour, that will not only show off your creativity, but also connect you with other writers AND bring more people to your blog or social media outlet, all while providing you with a variety of prompts to inspire your writing from the minds of many.
Here’s how it works:
  • Come up with a prompt of your very own. It could be anything: a picture, quote, character profile, scene, plot idea, setting, etc. BE CREATIVE! After all, we are writers. Show us what you got!
  • Post your prompt on whatever social media outlet you have: Website, blog, Facebook page, etc.
  • Add your information on the Linky Tool below, including your site name (or your name) and your link to the post.
  •  Come back and visit your fellow prompters from the links.
  • Optional: Reference L.J. Writes with a link to that week’s prompt from me in your post to make it easier for fellow prompters that visit you to get back to more links.

The tour runs all week long, so there’s plenty of time to come up with your creations. A new Tour will begin next Sunday.

What do you say? Challenging? Fun? Give it a try and spread the word! The more people that join in, the more motivational prompts you can find to help inspire you, and the more creative people you can meet just like you!

Want to show off your participation in the Bright Lights Writing Prompt Tour? Grab my button on the right sidebar. All you need to do is copy the Html code and copy it into a widget/gadget for your own site.

My Writing Prompt for the week of 5/22/11

Bright Lights Weekly Writing Prompt Tour Participants
1.  Pamela V Mason  

(Submissions close in 6d 9h 39m)

Link tool by

I’ll post my writing on this quote here tomorrow. Join in! 

8 thoughts on “The Bright Lights Weekly Writing Prompt Tour from LJWrites Blog

  1. I love that quote Pamela! Not only can I use it for myself, but I just thought about how it can relate to my main character. Very thought provoking. Thanks for participating!

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