It’s been a busy week for Spring Break. We picked out The Tux for Prom for my son… ivory notched collar jacket with black pants, brown vest and bowtie and pocket square. He will look handsome and yes, I will cry….

I won this extra cute “read” necklace from Evelyn LaFont’s release party last week ( Thanks Evelyn and The Sweet Fairy Boutique on Evelyn’s new book, The Vampire Relationship Guide Vol 1: Meeting and Mating, just came out and is available on Kindle .Check out Zoe Winters’ review on it (Damn you Evelyn LaFont!) 

         <-  Love This! Who wouldn’t?

                                                                                     Loved This too!  ->
   Again, Who wouldn’t?                 Bacon…Chocolate…salty… sweet…. YUM!


<–Went to Piedmont Park in Atlanta where we saw a lovely wedding right next to a playground swarming with happy kids. No need to throw rice! Everybody within earshot applauded when they were pronounced Mr.and Mrs. There were three there that day, probably even more earlier in the day.
My friends Lindy Chaffin Start and Pam Asberry and I were there for a Fun Photo Session. Want to do something for yourself with your girlfriends that’s fun? Split the cost of a photographer, take along some props (we used Lindy’s ginormous tome of Michael Crichton stories and my margarita glasses) and channel your fav Sex In The City babe ( I channeled Samantha’s attitude, but really, I’m more like Charlotte). Go on a beautiful spring or summer day at a great location: the beach, an amusement park (carousel… bumper cars) or like us, a great city park full of kids playing, muscular men playing softball, weddings (did I say there were three all at the same time?), a man riding his bike and blowing bubbles, and  hunky guys jogging, walking their dogs, playing frisbee,… did I mention teams of shirtless muscular men playing sports? Yesss….
You’ll see One Six Photography’s finished product in a few weeks, so stay tuned! 

And no… this is NOT a grave! It’s my future vegetable garden!
My wonderful  husband built the frame for me to fill in with my
Special Recipe of DIRT!
Yes, DIRT!
For two long years I have composted every single carrot and orange peel, coffee grounds and tea bags, spoiled lettuce leaves and apple cores and banana peels and dead plants and dead cut flowers…. My GRW friend and roomie, Anna Purcella Doll, gave me the recipe for layering all of this with dead leaves. It’s taken two long years to get this much (which isn’t much at all…) and I am PROUD to show it to you! Next time you’ll see it flourishing with young plants, but not until after Good Friday. Somehow, we always have severe weather on Good Friday, no matter where it falls on the calendar. So I don’t plant anything in the ground until AFTER Good Friday.
Probably just guaranteed it for the Saturday after, huh?

So how was your Spring Break? Did you spend it on the beach? Or are you still planning it and looking forward to it?


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  1. The dirt looks great. I flew to Georgia to spend it in Ellijay and Mableton, while all my nieces and nephew were on spring break. We had lots of visits to meet the baby (now almost a year). I think he likes Georgia, but we were glad to return home to Colorado.

  2. I wish, wish, wish I was one of those people with the patience and determination to garden. I just….oh, I just can't. And bring just one tiny little bug near me and I WILL freak out. Good luck with your garden, I'll be envious of you!Also, posting a link to my book on Amazon at your request (it feels obnoxious, but since you asked me to, I'm doing it):

  3. If it weren't about to get hot as Hades, I would offer Vosges' Bacon Bar as a contest prize. It is THAT delectable…and worth every bite of its $7 price tag! Thanks for commenting Paige!

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