Kitsch Nike Allee Willis — Heart, Soul, Herself

 Meet Allee Willis. 
She is the Grammy winning songwriter of my disco dancing college years. Earth Wind and Fire’s September, the Pointer Sister’s Neutron Dance … Boogie Wonderland and Stir It Up… the theme from Friends… Lead Me On… What Have I Done to Deserve This?… and the score for the onstage musical The Color Purple.
She is –Fearless, Artist, Creative and Inspiring, and she belongs only to Herself.

Watch the video…. make sure you hear her words around the third minute… where she says (and I try to quote): “…that incongruity of taking High End Thinking and marrying it with Pure Passion…and mash them together with Commitment. Commitment binds the top and the bottom.”
 Pasting this up on my monitor now.

People who zoom down their own path , who wear their crocs in  winter  and don’t give a damn about being part of the herd or accepted into the ‘right’ circles, but follow their soul and  surrender themselves wholeheartedly to their uniqueness…

          …they are the Citizens of the World. Those who make their lives and their name their own, instantly recognizable and uniquely, individually true as their own DNA. As if they snatched their identity out of thin air with their first breath at birth, impatient to talk and to walk so they could create what only they can see or hear or dance or paint ….

   e.e.cummings… Walt Whitman… Isadora Duncan… David Bowie… Lady GaGa … Madonna …

        … and share it with the world, who can take it or leave it, their choice.

Do you Dance? Sing? Write? Paint? Create?

Are you your own Muse?

“Be Yourself. No one can ever tell you you’re doing it wrong.” 
-James Leo Hurlihy

Love Kitsch? (*raising my hand here! Tweety Salt & Pepper Shakers ! ) Go to her site, where
Allee’s Kitschenette Virtual Museum of Kitsch  takes submissions for certification and display.
You can click on her records and listen to snippets of her Grammy winning songs too!

Contributions welcome!

Allee Willis is conducting a singalong fundraiser for her alma mater in Detroit to buy the band members new uniforms. > >
I have washed, mended, hemmed, and altered a few band uniforms, and believe me, they are worn for many years by many different people in many different places: rain = mud, sunshine = sweat. If you can contribute to Mumford High School’s Marching Band Benefit to replace their uniforms, ^ there ya go!
Seems Detroit’s The Happenin’ Place these days….

A Bientot!


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