Friday Follow Online Writers Blog Hop– How Would YOU Handle a Negative Review?

This week’s question:

Inspired by the spectacular melt down of Jacqueline Howett on Big Al’s Book Blog, how do you deal with a bad review?

Please join in in welcoming Nichole Chase from Nichole Chase  with this week’s answer.
I haven’t officially published any of my works yet, but I hope that I would handle a bad review with grace. I think that the only appropriate way to respond to a review is to say thank you, and in most cases only in a private forum (email, or private message). Bad reviews hurt, even if they are handled in a professional manner. The hurt the author experiences should be kept private, and only shared with friends. Eat some chocolate cake, and watch a good movie- That is how I would handle a bad review. Probably shed a few tears to my friends or my husband, and then move on! You can always get better!
Adding this link to Nathan Bransford’s blog about this here and here. The first link addresses the virtual witchhunt this writer endured, the second is advice on how to handle negative reviews.
There’s nothing more to add to his words there, and he says it all better than anyone else could.

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9 thoughts on “Friday Follow Online Writers Blog Hop– How Would YOU Handle a Negative Review?

  1. Well, I thought Nathan Bransford advice was spot on. Rant all you want in private if you get a bad review, but nothing gets stated in public. There's just no winning that fight.

  2. Happy Follow Friday and thanks for checking in with me!I've been following Nathan's blog too and find it really helpful. I think for a while, I got overwhelmed with all the advice/blogs/postings/etc. and need to digest the information overload for a while. But, I do love visiting the other blogs of aspiring writers and learning from them! See you next week!

  3. Hi Pamela. Thanks for the commentary! I personally took the whole "witch hunt" theory with a handful of salt for the simple fact that the author herself bullied the reviewer. I'd agree, though, that it doesn't really excuse a lot of the nonsense that followed.Just crying privately into your pillow and then getting on with things is almost certainly better than wrecking your reputation, even if (as some people suggest) it was done on purpose for the publicity. I *have* wondered about that…

  4. Hi Julee, Same here…. I can even direct you to another's blog that addresses… no, you don't want that, do you? No. I completely understand. I myself feel the need to unplug, and focus on my own thoughts. I have to remember to play my own game, run my own race, and take others' strategies and advice as Theirs, not Mine. Don't want to lose my own essence, know what I mean?

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